Freebiejeebies! How to get tons of free stuff

Okay so you are finally here to know How to get Tons and Tons of free stuff over and over again

All Apple productsYou can get enormous amount of gifts shipped to your door and cash in your bank account. There are certain people I’ve seen who’ve got more than $100k in cash and gifts and i have posted some proof on this blog. There are thousands sorry millions of people getting free stuff each and every month from Freebie sites and there are people who’ve made this a hobby and spend their free time in un-boxing their gifts they got for free and even there are people who earn their living from these freebie sites.

Whether you are a college student looking for a good notebook laptop to help you in your studies or you want to give your family member a good iPod on his birthday or even if you want a smartphone or a gaming console for your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend, you can have it without torturing your bank account even you can have some extra cash coming in your bank account for use.  You can learn how to get started on a freebie network and then come back on this page to find out how to get tons of free stuff from a freebie network.Apple products

How to get Tons of free stuff

To get tons of free stuff means tons of referrals but don’t worry, i am telling you a best and tested way to get lots of referrals.

Once you have signed up and completed an offer as discussed in this post, you have to aim for an iPod shuffle. I know this look somewhat strange but believe me, this is a strategy [some of you may think that your offer credit will be wasted on the measly iPod shuffle but that’s wrong, you have to complete the offer once and you could get unlimited gifts on the same offer you completed]. The iPod shuffle only costs only two referrals means you have to get two people signed up under your referral link who completed an offer. Ohhh man how do i get two referrals??? i am going to tell you. Once you get your offer completed, leave it to the administration until they get your offer approved and in the meantime, you just start referring two people.

How to find out two referrals?

Good question…i mean foolish question. That’s easy if you follow this method but please, keep this method secret and don’t publish it all over the web as Eazy Freebies Blog don’t allow anybody to copy their content.

All you have to do is to create an account at Craigslist which you can create for free over here.

After that post an advertisement stating that you are giving away your iPad to anybody who will reply as you’ve got tired of it. Once you did this, tens of email you will receive from people asking you for your iPad. And after that you will say them that you didn’t expect this amount of replies so you already given it away to somebody but you will tell them the way you get your iPad for free [your Referral link]. That’s it,it is generally expected that out of each 10 people who replied, you will receive one green referral [referral who completed an offer and you got your credit for him].

Now the time comes to get loads of referrals

After all this, when you received the iPod shuffle, you are just supposed to show it to your friends and family members [cousins etc] and ask them to tell their friends too. So when your friends and family will watch the proof,they will automatically become your green referrals. Suppose you have five neighbor friends, 20 class fellows and 10 cousins and in addition to that one brother and one sister, by general mathematical rules applied on earth and mars only,you should have 37 green referrals and if you applied the Craigslist technique again, you will have about 50+ referrals. OMG they are enough for a macbook pro and two more ipod shuffles

apple productsThen what are you waiting for join now over here and apply the above technique for referrals.

Please keep in mind that you are not to cheat the system as it will destroy your whole freebies career. If you have any questions then feel free to comment and please don’t mind to like our Facebook fan page. Thanks for reading…


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