How to get an xbox 360 for free

the xbox 360 slimAre you a kid looking for an Xbox 360 whether slim or elite, are you a college student looking for something entertaining in your bits of free time or if you are a grown up and want to spend your free time playing games with your kids on weekends, if you wish to get an Xbox 360 then there is no better choice and if you want to get it free then you are a smart person on a smart place. Getting an Xbox 360 is hot around the web and many people are getting their free Xbox 360 every week. Okay!! so you want a free one hmmm!!! Then let’s get  started.

There are some important steps to get your free Xbox 360 slim or elite [you can get some free games for it too or a free kinect sensor or any other you wish]. You have to read, understand and follow these steps accurately to get your hands on a brand new Xbox 360. So here are the steps.

the Xbox 360 eliteSigning up to the network

First of all, you have to sign up to a freebie network. The best of all freebie network is this as I have evaluated and by users experience. They have the best selection of gifts and you can also get anything you want and which is not in their gifts list by their custom gift feature. Just send a support ticket to them regarding your free gift which is not in the list and they will add that gift as your gift. Just click this link and create your account. To create your account, just enter your email address in the space provided and click sign up, you will be redirected to a page where you will fill basic information for example your name and shipping address etc. Be careful,use a valid email and a valid shipping address as they will ship your gift on that address. After that, confirm your account by clicking the link they will send you via email and the first step is completed successfully.

Completing an offer

The next thing you will do will be completing a free or paid [1$-15$] offer. This is the most important step as the network makes money by this method to send you your free gift. There will be a number of offers but you need to complete only one for your gift [and future gifts]. Actually when you complete an offer, the offer advertiser pays the network 30 pounds, and by the completion of third step, the company had made enough to pay for your gift and get their profit. This step needs special care as there are many offers which get marked as completed after 6 weeks. I recommend the Little Bid Tasty offer, it takes 10$ to get completed but gets completed instantly [one day at the most] [but what is the value of 10$ in front of an Xbox 360 elite or slim??? and it don’t requires credit card]. To complete an offer,read carefully what you have to do and then do the offer as instructions. when you have got credit for your offer [means your offer marked as completed], now its time for step three.

Xbox 360 logoReferring friends

This step seems most tiresome to most people but it is really easy to get referrals. I have posted a method to get 50+ referrals in no time, so read this post and get your referrals. I am posting a new way to referrals super fast and super easy with in a few days, in fact my next post is about referrals so bookmark this page and check back soon so that you won’t miss that important information out. Okay so you have got referrals for your Xbox 360, its time to enjoy yippee!!

If you have got any question or anything regarding any queries, just contact me and feel free to comment.


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