Top 10 Ways To Get Freebie Referrals.

Referrals methodsAt last you joined a Freebie site and now want to know how to get some quick referrals.

Okay so you really want to know the top ten best methods to get your free gifts huh?I know i know! i was also very excited to know at first. Before we get started,you should keep in mind that these methods will only work if you make them work. Just pick up two or three methods, stick to them and become perfect in them and during the bits of time, apply the other ones. This is a real strategy to get good amount of referrals for whether Freebiejeebies or any other. Okay then tie your seat belts as we are getting started. Oh sorry for being over excited.

Here are the Top Ten methods to get Freebie referrals.

1-Get Referrals By Social networks

Social media.There is a good potential to get green referrals [referrals who have completed an offer successfully]. Believe me!! I have heard people stumble a post about Free iPod on stumble Upon and get it stumbled by three or four more friends getting more than twenty greens for every effort. People get green referrals from Facebook even 100 greens every month. Facebook and Twitter have a good potential to get green referrals for freebie sites [Freebiejeebies work best over here] if you do it rightly. I will be writing a post to get referrals via Facebook and Twitter within a week so check back often so you won’t miss the information.

2-Getting Referrals by blogging

best blogging platforms.In my opinion, there is no other better way to get referrals except blogging. Suppose your blog gets indexed on five search terms in major search engines search engines each term getting 1000 search a month. Now 5000 people search for and find your blog in results every month. Suppose just 40% of them visit your blog means 2000 visits a month. Now suppose just 30% of them decide to try out and become your referrals. That’s 600 referrals and now suppose 50% of them successfully complete an offer. OMG you will get 300 referrals each month!!! I don’t know exactly but you are here as you searched for a free Xbox etc and now reading this. Means there is a huge potential in blogging but you need to update your blog regularly to keep visitors attention.

3-Getting referrals by publishing articles

article directories.Getting referrals through article directories is another great way to get greens. I recommend you to use Ezine articles, Squidoo, Article base and EHow. They are all very good places to put your article on. Just write a good article and post it on the above directories. In this way, you will get referrals as well as backlinks to your blog. Just think that someone searched for a Macbook laptop and found your article in the search results. Now he/she will be reading your article interestingly and might click the link in the signature or source box leading to your blog post about that thing and he/she will be interested to give it a shot. It is because this method is so much targeted that more than 10% of the people become green.

4-Getting referrals by email signatures

Basic emails.You can also get some referrals by putting your email signature and when you email to colleague or a family member cousins and friends etc, they might click on it and maybe they will get interested. Email signatures that will be interesting like “Learn how i transformed my ordinary room into an ultimate gaming and entertainment showroom Without Spending a Dime!!” etc can give you loads of referrals. I read a quote somewhere which i want to share with you “Curiosity always kills”

5-Getting referrals by Craigslist

In my opinion, this is the easiest way to get quick green referrals. All you need is a Craigslist account. Just you need to do is to place an ad saying something like you want to get rid of your old iPad 2 or Xbox 360. And you will get amazed when you will see the amount of emails come to you [if you placed the ad on a big city]. Now you will just reply to them saying that you have already given your iPad/Xbox away and then you will say that you can tell a place where they can get it for free [your referral link]. There is a more effective way to get referrals by Craigslist which i will post shortly so again,check back.

6-Forums and Chatrooms

In forums and chat rooms, you can communicate with people of the same interest and the chances are they will become your referrals. In forums like exceem, you can get loads of information which will definitely help you so i recommend you to join it.

There is another way to get referrals by chat rooms. Chat rooms like Omegle

will help you here.All you have to do is to chat with a few and convince them that they can get their free gift. An important point here is that don’t convince them to become your referrals, if they are convinced that it works, they will automatically become your referrals and maybe green referrals so give it a shot at least.

7-Getting referrals by your friends

This is considered difficult but it is really very easy if you do it rightly. You can talk to your friends and of course their friends and tell them about the program and how it works. My opinion is that first you head up for a small gift like iPod shuffle which only requires two referrals which you can get by any of above methods. Then you will show that gift to your friends and their friends and even your class fellows [you can make a big deal here, even enough referrals for two Macbook pros, an iPhone 4s and three iPad 3]. Read more about this method at How to get Xbox 360 for free.

8-Getting referrals by eBook

This is a good method if you can write a good eBook. I heard someone having 30+ free greens every week by just putting his eBook on his blog. You too can get them if you are a good writer. Just search Google for free eBook publisher and write your eBook and also get a good cover design to attract people as it is a good strategy. Search for eBook cover designing software to get a good software to design a good cover.

9-Video blogging by YouTube & Vimeo etc

Video blogging.

If you can create a good video then it is a good method to convert lots of viewers into greens. All you need is a movie making software like Windows movie maker in Windows and iMovie in the iLife series for Mac.Just create a good video and post it to YouTube and Vimeo and put your link in description. If you previously got a gift from any freebie site then you must unbox it in front of camera and edit that video and then put that on the above two sites.

10-Getting referrals by Proof Pictures

You can get freebie referrals by Showing yours or other people’s free stuff that they received and by this method too, you can get a lot of referrals.

If you haven’t joined any freebie sites then this is the best time to join as 10 million people are receiving their free stuff from home so Join Now

I think that’s enough for now. My advice is you just try out all of the techniques above but make sure you must apply the blogging technique as it is the best and also post a comment if you have any other ideas.


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