How to get iPod Nano free within a week.

The ipod nanoBy reading the title of this post, you might have think that is it really possible to get an iPod nano latest generation worth of hundreds of $$$ for free and within 7 days or one week??? The answer to that question is that it is possible indeed, to get your favorite iPod and with in one week or maybe less than one week if and only if you read follow these instructions accordingly. Okay so you are ready to get your iPod nano in mail the next week. If yes then get started and if no then you are a silly creature who is so greedy and don’t want to get his/her iPod. Ohhh, sorry for that so lets get started.

the new ipod nanoWhere to start?

The first and the important step is to join a freebie site and my recommendation is Freebiejeebies. It will take you a minute or maybe less than a minute to sign up. All you have to do is to click this and you will be taken to the freebiejeebies page. There you will sign up using a valid email and home address as your iPod will be sent there and for updates, they will need your email address. The next step is to verify your email. You will have to go to your email inbox and open the mail sent by them. In that email, you will click the link sent by them and your email will be verified. So the first step will be completed instantly.

the ipod.What to do next?

The next step to get your free iPod nano latest generation is to complete only one offer from their offers page. Offers generally are both paid and free. The paid one don’t exceed 15$ means only 15$ to get your iPod. It is up to you to complete any offer you like but some offers over there take about 6 weeks to get complete. If you want to have your iPod nano in a week, then you must complete the fastest approving offer called Little Bid Tasty as it only take one day at most [generally get approved as soon as you complete it-means instantly]. Make sure your browser’s cookies are enabled so your offer can be tracked as completed. This offer step is must to do step because you can’t get your iPod without doing it generally. Okay so your two steps get completed on the first day!!!! cool. [For more information about why and how to complete an offer visit the How does this work page].

The ipod nano.What to do next?

The final step is to refer some friends or people [7 in case of iPod nano 6G 8 GB and 8 in case of 16 GB]. There are 10 ways to get enormous amount of referrals on this post. If you just hang up with the Craigslist method, you will get them but you can also go up in the gigs section of Craigslist, do a work or odd job for anybody which you can do, and instead of asking for money, you will ask them to be your referrals. This method also works great and every time you can get two to four referrals [ ask for three referrals, 1 himself/herself, two of his/her friends]. Give these methods four days and reserve two days for Omegle Chat Room. On this chat-room, you can chat freely and post links, so find people of same interests, chat for 5 minutes and then ask them about if they want an iPhone or iPad or anything for free and then guide them to be your referrals. It is so easy to get referrals really.

new iPod.So what then?

Now you will be on your way to get your iPod nano. You will need to click a button on the status page which will appear when you will have got enough referrals for the gift. You will just click that button and your account will be verified shortly. Now wait to receive your iPod nano in the mail. Feel free to comment and also follow me on twitter from the twitter icon on the top.

the iPod nano.


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