How to harness Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and twitter.

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So you want to know how you can exactly use Facebook and twitter for your free gift!! well,i am not so greedy to keep it just to me as i have opened up this blog to tell you people. Well most people have hundreds of friends of friends on Facebook and Followers on twitter. But just posting or tweeting your link is not enough as you may get marked as a spammer and get your account banned or even worst, you can lose your friends. So how you can succeed in getting referrals by not either be put into those above categories. You can find it out by reading this post.

Getting Referral by Facebook

Facebook logo.

Getting freebie referrals by Facebook.

Facebook has a good scope and hundreds of businesses are finding their potential costumers by harnessing the power of Facebook. But you may either think that what is the correct way to advertise on Facebook. Is it posting your link in a status update or something like that? Never do that, you will see the results after some times. Talking about myself alone, i scarcely pay any attention to the ads posted by my best friends. If you even posted an ad, you will see no results, worst will be the effect on your friends. They will take you as an ad machine and then you will lose credibility with them and so on. If you really want to see any result, you just do it as a professional. Open a page about apple suppose and then make funny and informative posts on it. Get your friends like that page and then regularly post on that page, after some post, add a post about a free gift etc and then the people who liked that page will click on it to see whats inside. Thats the real way to get some success from Facebook even if you are not promoting your freebie referral link.

Getting Referrals by twitter
Getting referrals from twitter is also like getting them from Facebook. If you want referrals from twitter, you will have to built a good followers list and you can do it easily by following other people and staying active on twitter. If you do regular posting on your twitter profile about a certain topic, like again apple products, people who love apple will follow you and in between your posts, you can post your link sometimes and you will get referrals indeed. And the more referrals you get, a further step you take towards your free gift.

This was a bit about getting referrals from Facebook and Twitter. I hope you liked it, if you do liked it, simply follow this blog from the button at the end and get update of every post we make here. Leave a comment to share your knowledge with our readers, it will be much appreciated.


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