Xbox 360 for Free – 15 Days Guide

Xbox 360 logoThe gaming experience on an Xbox 360 is awesome so most of the people want to get it, some of them can afford it but others can not. This guide is about getting your favorite Xbox 360 slim or Elite or whatever in just 15 days. Step by step instructions and I hope you will enjoy gaming on your own Xbox 360 for free. Make sure you read this full guide carefully and perform accordingly so you’ll be able to get your Xbox 360 for free.

Okay, before starting this guide, I just want to say you one thing. You will get the gift if your mind will be cleared and you will be confident about getting the gift. Try to convince yourself that you can get it and then get ready to put in 15 days for your Xbox 360.

Basically, when you join a network for your free gift, you do three things to receive your free gift, signing up, completing an offer and referring some friends to do the same (10 in case of Xbox 360)…In this guide, you will learn how to complete these things within 15 days.

Day 1 : Getting Ready

This is your first day and first step towards your free Xbox 360. On this day, you will have to get ready and start your work. Just get your mind ready to start and believe you can get it. You can see the Proof page of this blog for a small bit of help in this or you can see the Exceem forum to satisfy yourself. There are more than 3 million dollars worth gifts and cash sent already to Exceem forum members only from different Freebie networks. Its your turn, if ten million people are getting their gifts for free and made it a hobby, why not you. Be confident and get ready, if you have enough will power for your Xbox 360, you will get it.

Day 2 : Basic Stuff

This is the most important step so pay attention and do accordingly. As by now, you already have your mind ready, its time to join a Freebie site offering your Free Xbox 360. The most trusted and the most reliable Freebie network is Freebiejeebies, I recommend all of my readers to join this network. After joining, you will be asked to complete just one offer (Free or Paid) to get your Xbox 360 and further gifts. It is because when you complete an offer, the network gets paid and earns money to send your gift (see how does this work page for better understanding). There are a variety of offers available including free trails and paid ( 5$-10$) offers. Make sure you complete an offer by using Mozilla browser as other browsers have some features that block specific cookies etc be stored on your browser which results in no credit for the offer. Complete an offer that you like the most and they will credit you within a week. This was your day 2, there were two jobs, joining the network (click here to join) and completing an offer. Make sure you do these on time so you won’t cross the 15 days timeline.

I want to say you one thing, never start step 3 before completing the step two which is completing an offer. Some people think they will first get some referrals and then complete an offer, actually when you haven’t completed your offer, your interest will be less and you won’t be able to get any referrals at all. I am telling you this because it happened to me in the beginning so please complete the previous step first.

Day 3-Day 5 : Starting to Refer People

So by now, your first two step will be completed. Its time to start referring people. I recommend you shouldn’t tell your friends before receiving your gift because it takes much time to convince them. Tell them after receiving your Xbox 360 so they will become your referrals for further gifts. I have divided days in this guide to perform several tricks for referrals. From day 3 to day 5, I selected getting referrals from chat rooms like which is not just a chat room. Actually it is much easy to get referrals via Omegle. First of all, imagine some time you are going to put in everyday. Suppose you are willing to spare 3 hours everyday. From day 3 to day 5, if the time taken altogether is 9 hours. Now its time to divide these nine hours adequately so your time won’t be wasted. The first hour is to learn the environment, keep an eye on the way people speak there, their intentions and how to behave. If you did this, your next eight hours will give much greater results. After your first hour, your next eight hours should be focused on your real job, Referring people. You need 10 referrals (who have completed an offer) for your Xbox 360 means you must get at least 3 referrals in these eight hours. The best way to refer people is first introduce yourself with the person you are chatting with, then ask about their interests. If they have anything in their interest you find on Freebiejeebies then tell them they can get it for free. Lets take an example here, suppose the person you are chatting with has Photography in their interests then you can ask if they have a Canon Professional Camera one can find on Freebiejeebies. If they say no, then tell them they can get it for free by joining a network you are a part of, then completing a simple offer and telling some friends about it. Tell them clearly that you want them to sign up by using your link so you can get +1 in your ten referrals for your Xbox 360. Thats it, most of the people will become your referral and you may get some of them complete an offer. Getting three referrals by Omegle is much easy. Remember one thing that you won’t force them to create an account, if they don’t want to. By applying this technique, you should have three green referrals (Offer Completed) towards your Xbox 360 for Free.

Day 6-Day 10 : Getting Referrals by social media
From day 6 to day 10, I selected social media like Twitter, Youtube and Yahoo Answers. Now you should work harder than the previous three days and take these five days seriously. There are tricks to get referrals from these three social media which I am going to describe here.

On the first two days, you will be working on Youtube. The best way to get referrals by Youtube is as follows. Search for iPad 3 and you will find a lots of videos. Click on the first one, like it and then comment on it stating like now one can get this gadget for free by completing a free offer and then telling some friends, no surveys Blah Blah Blah and then your link. Actually these types of videos get huge audience and some of them can see your comment and may sign up depending upon you comment. Now you are to comment on these kind of videos on your sixth and seventh day as described above. You should cross the limit of 50 comments (in these two days) to get enough visibility for two Green referrals.

On the third and fourth day of this social media campaign, you are to work on twitter. The best way to get referrals by twitter is what i learned from Mario of Eazyfreebies Blog. The method is as follows. Search for i need a Cheap iPod Touch in the twitter search bar above.You will find out a lot of tweets about it. Now contact them one by one and tell them they can get of free and then the whole process. Make sure you don’t neglect the Twitter’s terms of use and post tweets regularly so you won’t get banned. You should get at least two more Greens from twitter towards your Xbox 360 for Free.

On the last day of Social media division, you will be working on Yahoo answers. The work is similar to twitter, you will search for the same, people looking for cheap gadgets and then you will repeat the whole process. you should get at least five Greens in this Social media campaign, two from Youtube, two from twitter and one from Yahoo answers.

Day 11-Day 15 : Getting Referrals by Multiple ways
By now as you should have seven green referrals, there would be three referrals left. To get these three referrals, you will apply different techniques like forums posting, ad posting and articles posting.

To post in forums, you need to be creative. First of all, Pick up an eye catching sentence to be used for your forum signature like Learn How i turned my room into a Technology showroom without spending a dime ( By Mario) etc and then link it with your referral link. After this, post interesting threads (topics) and you will see result.

Post Ads in free ads directories like OLX and Craigslist. Pick up interesting titles and then post your ads. Lets take an example, pick up a topic like person wanted to refer some people and get a free Xbox 360 or whatever. there will be applications, try to convert (them into referrals) as much as possible.

Posting articles is also a very good way for maximum exposure. write a good article about any gadget etc and review it. At the end, state that one can get it for free by completing a free offer and then telling some friends and then your link. After that, submit that article to a dozen of article directories and thats it, after approval (which may take 48 hours so do it first), people will read it and then click your link and will be converted into referrals. Email them the details (you will find their email in your Freebiejeebies account) and thats it. You should get three referrals from this method resulting in a 10/10 referrals for your Xbox 360 for Free. Freebiejeebies will send you the gift within a week after confirmation.

So this was a short guide on how to get Xbox 360 for Free in 15 days. I hope you liked it, share your experiences and thoughts with other readers by making a comment and follow this blog to get further posts updates in your email inbox. Thanks for Reading.


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