How Does This Works

How Does This Works

The actual freebiejeebies site.Ohhh so you want to know how Freebie sites actually work

Well, there is nothing complicated and all about the freebie sites will be in front of you in a minute.So if you want to have a free gift, you have to follow three easy steps discussed in this post.

There are lots of people screaming out about getting a free laptop or a free Iphone or whatever and may you have watched out banners and advertisements about free stuff on many websites but a lot of those advertisements leads us to a freebie website which either asks you to fill out hundreds of surveys or asks to to complete tens of offers to get your free gift. In this post, i am also going to tell you the best website you should join if you want a free gadget you always want to have without breaking your bank. So lets get started.

So How Does Freebie System Works

Nice question… The answer is that suppose you want an iPod. The iPod you want is worth 250$ which is a big amount and you are not in a condition to spend your hard earned money.You look out for a free one and you find my this post.You signed up to this website and completed their obligations. In the same way many other like you did the same thing, Now here the point comes. When you joined the website with a valid email address,you will be taken to a page full of different ads or offers. You will be asked to complete only one offer [free or a 3$-6$ offer] which you completed and got credited. Now when you completed your offer, you will have to refer a certain amount of friends or relatives or anybody [different for different gifts] and they will do the same process. Okay, when you completed the offer,the advertiser will pay the company a certain amount of money [30 pounds sterling]. Your iPod is worth 250$ or 150 pounds. You are required to refer 8 referrals after you completed your own offer[the referrals must complete an offer]. now the company will get for the offers [1 yours and 8 your referrals 9 x 30 = 270 pounds]. The company spends 150 pounds for your offer and something for the shipping, means your iPod costs the company for 200 pounds and the 70 pounds is the company’s profit. Now that’s how the site works.

So What I Have To Do To Get My Free Gift

What you have to do to get your free gift is to follow these easy steps and wait to get your free gift in the mail.How freebiejeebies works

Sign Up To A Freebie Network

This is the first step to receive your free gift so make no mistake here.You have to select the best of the best network to go with to receive your free gadgets. Nowadays, the most popular and the best freebie network and the one i recommend is Freebiejeebies. It offers a wide range of gifts to choose from and millions of people are receiving their free gifts from this network. It is the best network for newbies and always keep their members happy with them. You must try out this network so SIGN UP HERE.

Complete An Offer

The next step to get your free gift is to complete an offer. This is a must to do part and you have to complete a free or paid [1$-10$] offer to get your free gift. the offers pageHere you should choose the offer that will be the best. Actually most offers take too much time to get credited. Even there are offers which take 6 weeks to get credited. But there is an offer which gets credited instantly [one day at the most] and its name is LITTLE BID TASTY. It takes 10$ to complete but what is the value of  a measly 10$ in front of a 1200$ Macbook pro or a 2000$ iMac or even 250$ iPod.I recommend it because it get credited instantly but you can choose from other offers which suits you the most. Anyways, you have to read the offer conditions and then complete it accordingly and your second step ends.

Refer Friends & People

The last step is to refer some friends or relatives or people you know. You can also get referrals from your twitter and Facebook account friends and followers and you can post your referral link on your website for exposure but make sure you don’t break out the network’s terms and conditions.The amount of referrals required for different gifts are different i-e 9 for an iPod classic, 10 for an iPod touch, 20 for an iPad 2, and 2 for an iPod shuffle.There are other lots of gifts you can choose from.Now you’ve got enough referrals for your gift, its time to get your free gift.So what are you waiting for, get started and  JOIN NOW the freebiejeebies picture


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