Referring Own Friends – The Best Way

Best way to tell friends. So you want to know the best way to tell your friends so you get credit for all of them. I know your situation as I have passed from the same situation but telling them directly is not the way. If you even try to do this, you will end up getting zero and worse will be decrease in credibility. The best way to refer your friends is what I am going to list in this post. If you follow it as written, you will get the benefit OR you may read it and leave as you don’t want referrals huh…

Everybody have friends. Some people have more and some have less. Suppose if one is at school or college (or even at work) there are tens of friends, one also have some cousins and relatives and friends in neighbor houses and around the city. These numbers yield more than fifty referrals if taken minimum. OMG I can get a brand new Macbook pro with these numbers… You may think this in your mind but you will get them if you follow the below given instructions.

After joining a Freebie site that offer your free gifts ( click here to join ), you need to complete a free offer (just once for this and further gifts) so that the company makes money to buy your gift and keep some profit for themselves ( they get more money when you refer friends so basically they get enough in total to send you the gift). Thats the basic process to get started. Now come to our main topic, how can you get enough referrals credits just by your friends so you can get a lot of referrals. 

First of all, when you join a freebie network, aim for a small gift like iPod shuffle that only costs two referrals. Two referrals are more easy to get if you compare them with fifty or hundred friends. You can easily get them by reading these guides on Top ten ways to get freebie referrals or Xbox 360 for free. After you get your two referrals, Freebiejeebies (the company you joined for your gifts) will check your account and then send your free iPod shuffle which you will get after a week or so. The hard part is over now. Now you just have to do will be show it to your friends and then tell them you got it for free and then relate the whole story. If you have fifty friends, they will create an account and complete an offer to get their free gift and in all this process, you will get the sole benefit. When you get enough referrals for your aimed freebie (stuff you get for free), it will be sent to you.

I don’t know you love my posts or not, I just hope they are helping you. If they really are, tell me by writing a comment. If you want to share your expressions, suggestions or experience, just write a comment but please don’t Spam as the whole community hate it. I hope you found this article helpful, thanks for reading.


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My name is Ali Zia Khan and I am a blogger. I started this blog because of my passion towards blogging. In the last years, I've created several blogs and I learned a lot. The sole purpose of creating this blog is to provide you with information which can help you in making money by blogging.

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